Watching the locals for the first time, it seems surprising that many of them are carrying umbrellas, It is not strange, however, when you learn that the average annual rainfall is 2,223 millimetres- making the village of Grazalema one of the wettest places in Spain. Grazalema itself is one of the renowned "white villages" and more of these villages can be found in this area. The small roads that connect these villages are good routes to see Raptors. Sierra de Grazalema actually belongs to the western part of Sierra de Ronda. It is famed for the presence of the rare pinsapos (Spanish fir) - thanks to the micro-climate. Unlike other sites in Spain, it is cool and wet throughout summer. The Spanish fir woods are well preserved and an entry card is required to visit some areas.


It is of interest for bird-watchers because of the high density of Eagles. Golden Eagles breed here, albeit in small number. It is thought that the high numbers of Bonellis Eagles prevent breeding of Golden Eagles. In recent years, the Spanish Ibex has extended its area from Serrania de Ronda to this mountain range.


Ronda, which is 15 kilometres from Grazalema, is another good site to look for birds in this mountain range, although the aforementioned has higher densities. The village of Ronda itself is divided by a deep gorge spanned by a bridge. We therefore are able to see Lesser Kestrels and other cliff-nesting birds such as Rock Doves, Alpine Swifts and Alpine Coughs. Peregrines also are common. The Vultures of Ronda have disappeared but, on the other hand, a recent project encouraged the reintroduction of Storks by creating nesting possibilities.

Also of interest are the valleys west of Ronda, Sierra de Libar, which are divided by the Guadiaro river. This area holds numerous Raptors and the Passerines, especially the Scrub Warblers, should not be overlooked. Sierra de Grazalema and Serrania de Ronda extend over a huge area. It is best to concentrate on one area, such as Grazalema or Sierra de Libar. The tourist town of Ronda offers excellent places to stay during the night, and Grazalema has a fine camping area at the end of the village, coming from Ronda.

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